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ISM-Central Ohio is an affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management 
We are committed to bringing our members the best in education, professional development, networking and community involvement related to the supply management profession.
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To All Current and Former ISM Members and Guests;


Since taking office in July, we have held a board strategy session for ISM-CO.  We spent a considerable amount of our time talking about why ISM-CO is important to us and what it should be offering.


We believe that ISM-CO should be providing 4 Main pillars of opportunity:

  1. Networking Provide a forum for Supply Chain professionals to connect with other Supply Chain professionals
  2. Opportunities - Share experiences and best practices in Supply Chain Management
  3. Education Providing an opportunity to learn:  for Certification and Continuing Education.
  4. Emerging Professionals Engaging students to help provide opportunities to develop the next generation Supply Chain Professionals.

 With this focus, we will be creating events to provide these opportunities including:

  • ISM Dinners with Speakers
  • ISM Breakfasts for Networking
  • ISM Informal Networking Mixers

We are very excited about 2014-2015.  We are committed to helping our members get the maximum value for their participation with ISM-CO.  One way we would like to measure success is based on a survey that will be coming out shortly.  Please make sure you provide your updated contact information at the sign in table.

Bob Kain 


Professional Development Dinner

Nov. 10, 2014
Tribute to Rich Flanagan 
Long Time Academic Advisor to ISM Central
It was a great night of networking and honoring Rich for all of his efforts in ISM Central Ohio
 Eight Pillars of Success
External   Internal
 Respect All, Revere None
 Accept Yourself (we are all weird)
 Institute Joy  Be in the present
 Create Relationships  Cultivate your Talent
 Serve All, Well  Define Priorities
Upcoming Events
  Dec. 25    CHRISTmas
   Jan. 29   Board Meeting 
   Feb. 9       Professional Development Dinner 
  Feb. 26       Board Meeting 
Mar. 9
Professional Development Dinner 
Board Nominations
APICS Joint Meeting
  Mar. 26      
Board Meeting
 Apr. 13
Professional Development Dinner
Board Member Vote
  Apr. 22       Networking Mixer 
  Apr. 30       Board Meeting 
  May. 3-6    
ISM National Conference
Phoenix, AZ
 May 11
Professional Development Dinner 
Board Officer Installations
   May 28      Board Meeting 
  Jun. 9       Professional Development Breakfast 
  Jun. 17       Networking Mixer 
  Jun. 25       Board Meeting